We understand that protecting your family is the most important part of home security. It’s for that reason that our basic alarm system consists of a minimum of contacts on all perimeter doors, contacting basement openings, and installing at least one form of interior protection (motion or glass break detector). The system also includes a digital keypad, siren, backup battery, and a wireless key fob to operate the system from your vehicle. We strive to be up to date in the field and always employ the best hardware available to us.
All of our equipment is a hybrid of wireless and hard-wired so that we can customize the installation for your home. We are proud to be one of the most established DSC dealers in the United States.

No phone line? No problem! Our systems can communicate over their own cell connection. This means faster communication, no lines to cut, and the ability to operate your system remotely from any device!

We are a proud ALARM.COM dealer!


We use the well established company DSC for both residential and commercial installs. We install hardwired or wireless systems to fit your specific needs. No job is too big or too small. Our systems are now capable of remote arming/disarming and mobile notifications.


Our central station for over 20 years, COPS, handles all signals from your alarm and relays that information to you. They have the staff and infrastructure to handle any job with great care and professionalism. Our panels can communicate either via telephone line or a dedicated cell connection. Call and speak with a professional who can determine your exact needs today.COPS_Logo1

Always know the status of your system with an app/web based interface. Get alerted instantly via notification or email of any opening or closings and emergencies. With Z-wave compatibility you are now able to work lights and thermostats from within the same app.


Have an existing alarm? Outdated alarm? Installed by a different company? No problem! We can take over your home system easily and modify it as needed.


Keep your home protected. Always.