Here at Eaglestar, we take fire safety seriously. According to the most recent data from the National Fire Protection Association, 96% of American homes contain at least one smoke alarm. This may seem like a lot, but that still leaves 5 million American families with no smoke or fire protection. And it isn’t just about having one– it’s about having fire protection that works. In 59% of fire-related deaths between 2009 and 2013, there was no smoke alarm present or the smoke alarm had dead or removed batteries. Even worse, only 15% of American homes had CO detection. We at Eaglestar want to help prevent tragedies and property loss. That’s why we use state-of-the-art combination smoke/CO detectors in your homes and businesses. In addition, we don’t believe that battery removal should ever happen, so our fire protection systems are connected to a central station which will notify you if something has been tampered with or if something is not functioning correctly.

For our equipment, we rely on System Sensor combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The COSMO-4W is reliable, small, and effective, minimizing the need for more devices in your home. The COSMO wires to the I4 Series Interface module, which can integrate up to 12 compatible devices in your home or business. Our equipment is compatible with heat sensors as well as being low-voltage.


One of the biggest problems with modern smoke detector systems is that they don’t work. Sometimes, they can be broken without you knowing it, and sometimes, people choose to remove the batteries if the smoke detector is making noises, instead of fixing it. Another problem with many smoke detectors is that many will only beep when there is smoke. Our systems will notify you, through a central station, of any failures in the system before it’s too late. In addition, our systems will alert the central station if there is a fire instead of just alerting you with noise. In a situation where lives are at stake, fast response time matters.