Eaglestar Security is a business much like yours. We understand that getting quality service at the best possible price is what keeps your business competitive.

We can provide your business with better service, faster response times, and in most cases, much lower monthly fees than you are paying now.

If you have a system now, that’s no problem – we can upgrade your protection and start saving you money right away. We also offer video surveillance systems and fire monitoring.

Eaglestar Security offers only state of the art systems that are compliant with industry best practices, and employ the latest technology.

Support a local business that already does business in your community – give Eaglestar Security a call today.

Our main manufacturer of choice is the well established company DSC. We can install hardwired or wireless systems to fit your specific needs. No job is too big or too small.


We have been with COPS monitoring for over 20 years. They have the staff and infrastructure to handle any job with great care and professionalism. Our panels can communicate either via telephone line or a dedicated cell connection. Call and speak with a professional who can determine your exact needs today.


Have an existing alarm? Outdated alarm? Installed by a different company? No problem! We can take over your home system easily and modify it as needed.


Keep your business protected. Always.