Over thirty years of protecting homes and businesses.

Hello, my name is Chris Yacino. I began installing security systems back in 1982 for two local businesses. Thirty years later, both of those companies are still my customers. I incorporated as Eaglestar Security in 1985.

Since then, the industry has seen many changes. Most of the small operations like mine have been bought out by the big guys, and many of them, including ADT and now Brinks, have been bought by even bigger companies. Unfortunately for you, this means less personalized service, more gimmicks, and subcontracted installers, who – in some cases – shouldn’t be in your home.

If you would like a security company that is local, knows who you are when you call, and offers better service for less money, give us a call. Eaglestar Security will be happy to take over your existing system, increasing your security and saving you money. Starting today.